Nascida e criada em Portugal. Já morei na Polónia, no Brasil, na República Checa e agora é a Suécia que me acolhe.
O meu blogue, tal como o meu cérebro, é uma mistura de línguas. Bem vindos!

Born and raised Portuguese. I have lived in Poland, Brazil, Czech Republic and now I'm in the beautiful Sweden.
My blog, just like my brain, is a blend of languages. Welcome!

sábado, 20 de janeiro de 2018

The return

It's been months since the last time I wrote, but here I am again. It was the longest break I ever took from blogging, but it was necessary. I tried to keep it up, but one month into the course I was already really exhausted and I understood that I had to cut on my extra activities. Working full time and studying a day course didn't leave me much chance. The third activity I chose was to sleep, to be able to keep my brain in shape and my energy levels up. It worked! I kept working as usual and I did very well in school. 

I stopped blogging and I almost stopped training, and although I missed both things everyday, I feel it was worth it. 

In the middle of all the craziness there was a few chances to escape and have fun, an essencial to keep me sane. I'll come back with more complete posts about each one, but here are some of the highlights. 

Passaram meses desde a última vez que escrevi, mas estou de volta. Foi a pausa mais longa que já tirei do blogue, mas foi necessária. Eu tentei continuar, mas um mês depois de ter começado o curso já eu estava exausta e entendi que tinha que cortar nas minhas atividades extra. Trabalhar a tempo inteiro e estudar não me deixou outra hipótese. A terceira atividade que escolhi foi dormir, para poder manter o meu cérebro em forma e a minha energia em cima. Funcionou! Continuei a trabalhar como de costume e o curso correu muito bem.

Parei de blogar e quase parei de treinar, e apesar de ter sentido falta dessas duas coisas diariamente, tenho a sensação que valeu a pena. 

No meio de toda a loucura houve felizmente algumas oportunidades de escapar à rotina e me divertir, o que foi essencial para me manter sã. Farei posts mais completos sobre cada um dos locais, mas deixo aqui algumas fotos.

 J. had a conference in Athens and I took the chance to join him for a very pleasant weekend. 
O J. teve uma conferência em Atenas e eu aproveitei para ir lá passar um fim de semana muito agradável.

Växjö, in the south of Sweden, including a really nice lunch at Teleborg's castle (below). 
Växjö, no sul da Suécia, incluindo um belo almoço no castelo de Teleborg (em baixo).

A visit to the Christmas market in Marstrand.
Uma visita ao mercado de Natal de Marstrand. 

 In the end of the year I spent 10 days in my hometown, in Portugal. We had guests and took a day trip which included the castle of Marialva (above), Barca D'Alva and Castelo Rodrigo (below). 
No final do ano passei 10 dias na minha cidade natal em Portugal. Tivemos convidados e aproveitamos para fazer uma viagem de um dia que incluiu o castelo de Marialva (acima), Barca D'Alva e Castelo Rodrigo (abaixo).

Barca D'Alva

Castelo Rodrigo

Happy 2018 to you all!!!!!
Feliz 2018 a todos!!!!!

segunda-feira, 18 de setembro de 2017

Running... without running shoes

When I got hired in April I decided to take a pause in my Swedish studies, signing up for the next level only in August. Normal employed people take evening courses, but I wanted to continue in my school so I signed up for the daily course, the only one for my level offered there. I signed up thinking the course was 4h a week, which is perfectly compatible with a job with flexible working hours. In the meantime, the course was re-done and became a 8h/week course + homework and studying hours. I decided to try anyway, much because I would keep having my favourite teacher, and I think I'm handling it well enough to keep going for 3 more months.

Sometimes is tough though. I go to class. Cycle to work. Eat lunch as fast as possible to save time. Solve the million problems waiting for me. Run up and down the building as needed. Cycle home. Cook and eat. Do homework. Crash in the sofa for 30min which is the only time I have left before going to bed. Most of the days I'm so exhausted I can't do anything else, and by that I mean write posts in my dearest blog or run (real running, with running shoes). I simply do not have the time and the energy. 

However, winter is coming, bringing more homey weekends, probably the only advantage of it, in which hopefully I will have more time to my blog. 

domingo, 3 de setembro de 2017


The Lisbon Oceanarium is the largest aquarium in Europe, with a giant central tank containing many different species of fishes, and several other smaller tanks with more especial or fragile aquatic species. It is located in Parque das Nações, in Lisbon, where the world exhibition Expo 98 took place. It was then, in 1998, that I visited the Oceanarium for the first time and I had never returned until this summer. It was great. Visitors walk around the largest tank, both on the ground floor and one floor up, passing by the different smaller exhibitions that are on the sides at the same time. In summary, it's huge and there's a lot to see and learn. 

O Oceanário de Lisboa é o maior aquário da Europa, com um tanque central gigante contendo muitas espécies diferentes de peixes e vários outros tanques menores com espécies aquáticas mais especiais ou frágeis. Está localizado no Parque das Nações, em Lisboa, onde ocorreu a exposição mundial Expo 98. Foi mesmo em 1998 que visitei o Oceanário pela primeira vez e nunca mais lá voltei até este verão. Ainda bem que voltei. Os visitantes andam em volta do tanque maior, tanto ao nível do fundo como um andar acima, passando pelas diferentes exposições menores que estão nos lados ao mesmo tempo. Resumindo é enorme e há muito para ver e aprender.

 Sharks / Tubarões

Sunfish (ironically called moon fish in Portuguese)
Peixe-lua (que ironicamente se chama Peixe sol em inglês)

 Sea horse / Cavalo marinho

The giant squid, one of the Oceanarium's favourites. It's really cool to observe it moving around in its tank and getting its tentacles stuck against the glass. 
O polvo gigante, um dos favoritos do Oceanário. É muito fixe observar os seus movimentos no tanque, enquanto vai colando os tentáculos contra o vidro.

 Kids freak out and scream Nemoooooo, when they see clown fishes.
As crianças entram em paranoia e gritam Nemoooooo quando vêem peixes palhaços.

If you are in Lisbon, don't miss the Oceanarium. It's a well spent morning or afternoon, that can be combined with a lovely walk around in Parque das Nações, which is by the Tagus river.
Se estiverem em Lisboa, não percam o Oceanário. É uma manhã ou uma tarde bem passada, que pode ser combinada com um adorável passeio pelo Parque das Nações, junto ao rio Tejo.

quinta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2017

Sara Jump - Azores

The beautiful landscapes of the São Miguel island in Azores were screaming for a lot of Sara Jumps. I, of course, responded to the calling and here is the result.
As belas paisagens da ilha de São Miguel nos Açores pediam muitos Sara Jumps. Eu, claro, respondi ao chamamento e aqui está o resultado.

 Tea plantation

 Lagoa do Fogo
 Lagoa das Sete Cidades

São Miguel, Azores, July 2017

Me and others*

I have always enjoyed contact with public. My first summer job was as a receptionist in my local swimming pool and I loved it. I have always enjoyed the diversity of personalities, cultures and everything that comes from that. 
I have never worked to the public again but I am finally back at working with a lot of people, which I missed in my previous jobs. 

It's been a few months already since I started working and I was told from the beginning to do things my way as long as they were efficient and obeyed the rules (of course!). So did I. Most people like my ways but some do not and try to resist the changes. It's the diversity of personalities and ways of thinking that make it that way. Working and contacting with a lot of people might also make you roll your eyes from time to time. It's the problem that was never a problem but it's easier to ask than to think by yourself. It's the one who thinks because you drink coffee together he/she doesn't have to follow the rules and can skip the line. It's the one that tries to influence you into favouring him/her. And other similar situations. I enjoy all this! Especially now, so many years after being the teenager working at the swimming pool. Life has taught me how to be impartial (or at least more impartial) and to not judge by appearances, nationalities or whatever. I treat everyone the same way, but I do not expect to be treated the same way by every one.

And for every moment that I feel tired, because I do have those moments anyway, and I think "oh no, not this (one) again", I get twice as many moments with joy and satisfaction. I need the positive feedback to survive at the job, but I need the criticism as much to be pushed to think beyond my point of view and be challenged. They are equally important and I'm equally grateful to have both. 

As long as te balance is kept.

*Post written just after sighing and rolling my eyes, and then reading a super nice email complementing my work.

domingo, 20 de agosto de 2017


All memories.

This is my 1000th post in this blog. 1000. Thank you for reading me. Really really thank you.

São Miguel - the leftovers

We had just one more day in São Miguel and it was a grey day with some rain. Luckily, we had already seen the most exciting sights. On the list of things to do/see in the island we had a few things left, like the capital city Ponta Delgada and its market, the liquor's and ceramics factories and the marina. Sounded like a good plan for a rainy day except that it was Sunday and all that was closed. We ended up visiting a pineapple plantation. 

Tínhamos só mais um dia em São Miguel e foi um dia cinzento e com chuva. Felizmente já tínhamos visto o melhor. Na lista de coisas a fazer/ver na ilha ainda restavam algumas coisas, como Ponta Delgada e o seu mercado, as fábricas de licores e de cerâmica e a marina. Seria um bom plano para um dia chuvoso, se não fosse domingo e não estivesse tudo fechado. Acabamos por visitar uma plantação de ananás.

Pineapples with all kinds of sizes and shapes / Ananás de todos os tamanhos e formas

The rain stopped for a while and we decided to leave the city, where not much was happening and head to Ribeira Grande, to see more sulphurous puddles of boiling water, where cozido (the typical meat stew) is also cooked. 
A chuva parou por um bocado e decidimos deixar a cidade, onde não estava a acontecer grande coisa e fomos até à Ribeira Grande, para ver mais poças de água sulfatadas e buracos onde o cozido também é cozinhado.

 Cozido getting cooked for lunch / O cozido a ficar pronto para o almoço

Afterwards we went on a short hike that would take us to Salto do Cabrito again, but this time from the top side. The walk was interesting as we passed through smokey stones and a geothermal station, where the energy released in the volcanic activity is converted into electricity. The surroundings were very green and pleasant. 
Fizemos também uma caminhada que nos levou de novo ao Salto do Cabrito, mas desta vez chegando do lado superior. A caminhada foi interessante porque passamos por pedras de onde saía fumo e uma estação geotérmica onde é aproveitada a energia liberada na atividade vulcânica para ser convertida em eletricidade. Os arredores eram muito verdes e bonitos.

Interesting roots looking like ginger (but were not). Some of these roots are used in the cozido, although I can't really say if it's this type.
Raízes que parecem gengibre (mas não eram). Algumas das raízes são usadas no cozido, mas não sei dizer se estas são usadas ou não.

As we were still a bit early for lunch we went to Moinhos, a small little village on the coast. We walked through the camping park and found a waterfall where kids were having fun in the water. 
Como ainda era cedo para irmos almoçar fomos a Moinhos, uma pequena aldeia à beira mar. Atravessamos o parque de campismo e encontramos uma queda de água onde havia crianças a divertir-se à grande na água.

The waterfall was also connected to the other side of the village by another gorgeous trail surrounded by hydrangeas and other flowers. 
Havia um trilho que saía da cachoeira para o outro lado da aldeia, que estava rodeado por hortênsias e outras flores.

The beach - Praia dos Moinhos - was beautiful and strange, at least for me who have never seen a black sanded beach before. The weather was not great but some brave souls were laying on the sand enjoying their Sunday. Just before lunch we managed to visit some more viewpoints in Maia.
A Praia dos Moinhos era linda e estranha ao mesmo tempo, pelo menos para mim que nunca tinha visto uma praia de areia negra. O tempo não era o melhor mas havias umas almas corajosas na praia a aproveitar o domingo. Mesmo antes do almoço conseguimos ainda visitar mais alguns miradouros, desta vez na Maia.

 Miradouro da Maia

My sister was the panorama expert of the trip, always doing her best to take good panorama photos.
A minha irmã era pro das panoramas e deu sempre o seu melhor para tirar boas fotos.

 Road to nowhere... / Caminho para lado nenhum...

After lunch we headed back to Furnas, where we had been the first day. The goal was to walk around the Furnas lagoon, but all the roads were either closed to traffic or completely blocked by cars and impatient drivers, so we ended up walking in the town instead. The streets were covered by long flower carpets, some with beautiful patterns. 
Depois do almoço voltamos às Furnas, onde tínhamos ido no primeiro dia. O objetivo era caminhar em volta da lagoa, mas as estradas ou estavam fechadas ao trânsito ou estavam completamente bloqueadas por carros e motoristas impacientes, pelo que acabamos por andar só na cidade. As ruas estavam cobertas por longos tapetes de flores, alguns com padrões bastante trabalhosos.

Spar, the supermarket had the most complex pattern. 
Spar, o supermercado tinha o padrão mais complexo.

There were bands on the streets warming up and everyone was getting ready for the parade. Or for the parades, because I think it was more than one. 
Havia bandas a aquecer nas ruas e todos se estavam a preparar para a procissão ou desfile. Ou desfiles, porque eu acho que era mais do que um.

Since we had no idea when the parade would start, as some of the streets were still getting ready, we went to the hot baths of Dona Beija. The water is naturally warm (39ºC) and rich in iron (as seen by its colour). To bathe in the pools is very relaxing and one just doesn't want to leave. 
Como não tínhamos ideia de quando o desfile começaria, porque algumas ruas ainda estavam a ser arranjadas, fomos aos banhos quentes da Dona Beija. A água é naturalmente quente (39ºC) e é rica em ferro (dá para ver pela cor). Tomar banho naquela água foi muito relaxante e não apetece sair de lá.

Our last dinner in the island was in a restaurant so popular that our friends booked it almost a week in advance. We ate beef again, with passionfruit sauce and with mustard sauce and they were both (and again!) delicious. 
O nosso último jantar na ilha foi num restaurante tão popular que os nossos amigos reservaram mesa com quase uma semana de antecedência. Comemos bifes novamente, desta vez com molho de maracujá e com molho de mostarda e estavam ambos (e novamente!) deliciosos.

Early morning the following day we left São Miguel and all its green behind, with promises of going back, not only to this island but to other ones in Azores. If what you are looking for is pure raw natural beauty don't hesitate and book your ticket today. Visit the Azores!
De manhazinha no dia seguinte deixamos São Miguel e todo o seu verde para atrás, com promessas de voltarmos, não apenas para esta ilha mas também para as outras nos Açores. Se o que procuram é beleza pura e natural, não hesitem e comprem os bilhetes já hoje. Visitem os Açores!